Mine Local Ventilator

  • Mine Local Ventilator
Mine Local Ventilator
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FBD series mine explosion-proof press-in counter-rotating axial flow local ventilator is a new type of local ventilator with a wide range of uses. The machine has the characteristics of compact structure, low noise, high wind pressure, high efficiency, good anti-wind performance, stable operation in small flow areas, and a wide range of high-efficiency applications. According to the length of the tunneling face and the different ventilation requirements of the roadway, it can be used as a whole machine or in grades, thereby reducing energy consumption and saving energy. It is an ideal equipment for local ventilation in long-distance mine tunneling.

Mining fans are mainly used in non coal mines. There are vertical shafts, vertical shafts, inclined shafts, etc. the dust in the mine cannot be excluded from the tunnel. It is necessary to install fans at the main shaft portal and auxiliary shaft portal to accelerate gas flow, improve working environment, reduce dust, discharge humidity, etc.

According to the length and construction area of the mine, it can be divided into long-distance conveying fan, large air volume mine fan and local mining fan.

In specific cases, single motor and double motor are used to increase the pressure of fan and improve the fluidity of gas. Fans are divided into k, DK and JK series, and different parameters are selected according to the air volume and pressure of specific mines

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