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Shandong Tuobo Suspension Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. was restructured in 2018 to form a high-tech enterprise of R&D, design, production and sales of fans, tunnel electric heaters, mine thermal heaters and other environmental protection equipment. The company is located in Zhoucun, Zibo City, 5 kilometers away from Zhoucun, a century-old commercial port. There is National Highway 309 in front of the company, the Jiqing Expressway is 2 kilometers north of the company, and Binbo Expressway is 1 kilometers east of the company. The traffic is very convenient......

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Air Suspension Blower Manufacturer

The company's products sell well all over the country and are exported to Myanmar, Iran, North Korea, Vietnam and other countries. The quality and service have been well received by users. The company has always implemented the policy of tracking services to help users solve problems encountered in the process of use. If the user has quality problems during use, repairs and replacements are guaranteed. During the warranty period, maintenance of the fan and correction of the impeller is free, and maintenance of the fan after the warranty period will only charge the cost of materials or accessories......

  • Qingdao Xiaoxin River Sewage Plant, Nongan Second Sewage Plant

    In the flood season of 2020, five equipment at two sites suffered from flooding. After being cleaned and dried by technicians on site, the equipment returned to normal operation.

  • Beijing Cement Factory

    In September 2020, the blower of Beijing Cement Factory suffered ash return accident, and the equipment ran for 2 months before the alarm.After a brief dust cleaning, the normal operation will be resumed.

  • Xinjiang Hotan No. 1 Sewage Treatment Plant

    The aeration fan of Hotan No. 1 Sewage Treatment Plant is operating, processing 60,000 cubic meters per day. It has been in operation for 3 years, saving 30% of electricity consumption every year......