Sewage Aeration Air Suspension Fan

  • Sewage Aeration Air Suspension Fan
Sewage Aeration Air Suspension Fan
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Shandong Tuobo suspended centrifugal blower adopts an integrated compact design. The impeller, high-speed motor, frequency converter, air bearing and its control system are integrated with a control panel equipped with a CPU microprocessor, which improves the convenience of installation and operation. Greatly save energy and daily maintenance costs for customers, and provide a clean working environment. Therefore, it has the characteristics of advanced technology, reliable performance, simple structure, small size, energy saving and convenient maintenance.

Air suspension blower is used for aeration and oxygenation in sewage treatment plant. It has low noise, maintenance free and long service life. It is a new product instead of Roots blower and multi-stage centrifugal blower. The main feature is energy saving, which is more than 30% more energy-saving than roots blower. The early investment is relatively high, and the cost saved can be recovered in about 2 years.

The air suspension blower adopts an air bearing with a minimum speed of 15000r / min, no mechanical loss and friction, and the efficiency can reach 99.6%. It is now a more advanced aeration fan. It is mainly used in aquaculture oxygenation, pneumatic conveying in cement plant, wastewater treatment aeration, galvanizing pressurization and other industries

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