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  • Sdf Tunnel Axial Flow Counter-Rotating Frequency Conversion Ventilation Fan

    The tunnel counter-cyclone fan is mainly used for tunnel ventilation. After entering the tunnel 150 meters, the gas and oxygen in the tunnel are insufficient, the construction environment begins to be bad, and the health of the construction personnel cannot be guaranteed. Fresh air is delivered to the tunnel through this fan. This type of fan is mainly It adopts two-section motors and two-section impellers counter-rotating, which increases the pressure and has a long transmission distance. The tunnel is divided into high-speed tunnels, culverts, water tunnels, and railway tracks, and different types of power fans are used according to the situation.

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    Two-way Tunnel Jet Fan

    The SDS series tunnel jet fan is a power mechanical ventilation device specially designed for the longitudinal ventilation and ventilation system of highway and railway tunnels, and for smoke control in emergency situations. At the same time, it can also be used for ventilation in similar tunnels and auxiliary tunnel engineering occasions, and is suitable for working and operating requirements at an altitude of 3500m. The jet fan can work continuously under the environment of -25~50℃. In the event of a fire in the tunnel, it can be operated at 250℃ for a short time (no more than 1h).

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