High temperature resistant fan

  • High temperature resistant fan
  • High temperature resistant fan
High temperature resistant fan
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Shandong Tuobo suspended centrifugal blower adopts an integrated compact design. The impeller, high-speed motor, frequency converter, air bearing and its control system are integrated with a control panel equipped with a CPU microprocessor, which improves the convenience of installation and operation. Greatly save energy and daily maintenance costs for customers, and provide a clean working environment. Therefore, it has the characteristics of advanced technology, reliable performance, simple structure, small size, energy saving and convenient maintenance.

High temperature fans are mainly used in power plants, kiln factories, brick factories, boiler factories and other places above 80 ℃, mainly combustion supporting fans, thermal recycling, thermal energy conversion, etc. the maximum temperature is 1200 ℃. Pay attention to the details of the use of such fans:

1、 Consider the heat generated by the impeller during operation and the gas temperature, which is the maximum temperature borne by the impeller,

2、 During the operation of the fan, the heat is transmitted through the bearing. It is necessary to ensure that the heat of the fan casing is cooled and ensure that the lubricating oil operates at room temperature.

3、 When the fan delivers hot air, the heat loss of the fan shall be considered, and the fan model shall be insulated to reduce the heat loss,

4、 Different materials shall be selected for the fan according to different temperatures. For example, 304 stainless steel shall be selected when the gas temperature is 300-500 ℃, and the use type shall be selected considering the characteristics of materials such as compression resistance, wear resistance and denaturation of the fan.

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High temperature fan

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