Characteristics of Air Suspension High-speed Centrifugal Blower


1. Long life: no friction, life is more than 20 years

2. Small size: integrated design, high power density, 1/3-1/5 of the volume of traditional blowers, simple installation, no foundation, direct placement.

3. Easy to maintain: only need to clean the filter cotton according to the system prompts.

4. Energy saving: using variable frequency permanent magnet synchronous motor, aviation ternary flow centrifugal impeller, dynamic pressure air bearing, the operating state can be adjusted according to the load, which can save energy by 20%-50% compared with traditional blowers.

5. Cloud intelligent management: user mobile, PC cloud management, real-time return of operating data, easy to provide timely analysis and services.

6. No oil: advanced dynamic pressure air bearing, no friction, no need to add oil for lubrication.

7. Low noise: low noise centrifugal impeller design, no mechanical vibration, noise less than 80 decibels.

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