How to Adjust the Speed of the Mine Fan to Save Electricity


There are three types of mine fans, namely main fan, auxiliary fan and local fan. These three centrifugal fans are used in areas where mining is different. The application of mine fans is generally more green and environmentally friendly, but we can use stronger environmental protection and energy saving speed regulation to save electricity according to actual operations, so that not only can the high efficiency of the mine fans be displayed more strongly , Can also reduce some common faults. How to improve the speed of mine fans and save electricity?

The speed change of the centrifugal fan should not be too large, everything should be from 70% to 100% normally, and the minimum speed should not be less than 50% of the stop speed. Accelerate the firmness of installation and the difficulty of protection. If the protection progress reaches the number of series resonance, the special tool can be protected. Environmental protection and energy saving achievements.

How many categories are there in order for everything to be normal. Quantitative analysis of mine fans accelerates the ease of installation of professional skills. Change the type of exhaust air volume. How to improve the speed of mine fans and save electricity? Reflected on the power grid. The characteristics of accelerated installation and the load characteristics of the mine fan are not reversed, and the results will not be good.

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